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 Mature Size - 

Spacing - 

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Form - 

Seasonal - 

Usage - 

Flower - 

Leaf    Description - 

Features -  
10-12 ft. tall 

40 ft. tall x 20-30 ft. wide

25-35 ft. apart

Full sun

Broad, oval deciduous tree 
(more upright than Bradford pear)

Foliage turns yellow, orange and red in fall  

Attractive specimen, view-block or screen   

Five-petaled, saucer-shaped white 
flowers in spring.

Rich green, wavy foliage  

Drought and heat tolerant.  Resistant to disease, city conditions and clay soil.  Resists damage from extreme snow, ice and wind.  Extremely superior to Bradford Pear.   
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Cleveland Select Pear ... Clump
Clump Cleveland Pear Select - All of the specifications for the Cleveland Pear Select hold true for the clumping variety.  However, the clumping variety is multi-stemmed.  The tree form begins closer to the ground.  This clumping variety makes an excellent screen, hedge or view-block.  Please see "Hedge Trees".